Dynabook is a Japanese laptop manufacturer owned by Sharp. Dynabook was owned and branded as Toshiba until 2018 when the laptop sector of the business was rebranded and sold to Sharp

Dynabook produces laptops specifically for a B2B market recently moved to created education specific devices.

Client: Dynabook
Agency: Revere
Industry: Technology
My Role: Art Direction & Design

Showcasing a new proposition

Educational Thought Leadership Hub

As part of their 2022 Thought Leadership activity, Dynabook UK developed an insight driven industries hub.

I was asked to build upon the original campaign by developing a third Education vertical. This would be split into two different audiences – Schools and HEFE.

Using the Dynabook brand colours, dynamic image crops and the addition of chevron graphics, I distinguished and promoted the new Education vertical. Utilising imagery, focusing on the lecturer and others demonstrating the support teachers give their pupils, I was able to separate the creative and promote the important role Dynabook has in aiding pupils and teachers in the classroom.

Tags: Art and Design Direction, Website, EDMs, Infographic, Guide, Social Posts